How to create your own cloud

Below is a video created by our good friend Adam with WP Crafter. Watch to get an overview on how to create your own cloud.

Creating your own cloud library with Kadence Cloud

Step 1. Build your library

Install Kadence Cloud on a publicly accessible site. This can be a subdomain or its own domain. When creating this site, if its only purpose is to host your cloud we suggest enabling the option to discourage search engines from indexing this site.

Go to Settings > Reading and look for “Search engine visibility”, there check the box to discourage search engines from indexing this site.

Once Kadence Cloud is installed and activated you will see a new section in your admin for your cloud library.

Add new cloud library items just like you would normally create a page or post.

Step 2. Cloud Settings

Under the new Kadence Cloud section of your admin you will see “Cloud Settings”. Click there to setup your Kadence Cloud settings.

  • Name your cloud
  • Determine how often a forced refresh should occur.
  • Setup screenshot generation API key.

Step 3. Generate Thumbnails

Once you’ve added your API Key for Flash screenshot generator you can navigate to cloud library > all cloud libraries and you will see a generate thumbnail option for each cloud library post. Click that and a thumbnail of your content will be automatically generated.

Step 4. Generate Library Access Keys

Now that you have your library created and thumbnails generated it’s time to generate some access keys for you to use. Navigate to Cloud Library > Cloud Settings > Access Keys. There you can generate a new access key. You can change the access key to be whatever you want. Next to the access key is a Edit icon, click on that to add notes to your key or to assign the key to only show specific collections.

Step 5. Connect to your Cloud Library

Access the admin of your WordPress site where you want to use your cloud library. Go to plugins in your admin and make sure you have Kadence Blocks installed (It’s free).

Open a page or post where you would like to drop in your cloud library content. Click the “Design Library” button at the top of your editor. One open you will see standard choices for sections and starter sites. Next to that is the plus (+) icon, click that to add a new connection. Once on the new connection tab enter your cloud URL and access key and click the add connection button.