Automatic Launch Triggers

Kadence Conversions lets you create different kinds of content that will be shown to your viewers based on different trigger events that you can set in the conversion element. The launch trigger options are as follows:

  • Time delay – launch a set amount of seconds after the user loads a page.
  • Exit intent – launch after the users mouse moves off the page as if they are intending to exit.
  • Scroll Distance – launch after the user scrolls a set amount of pixels down your page.
  • End of Content – launch after the user reaches the end of your page content.
  • On load – launch when the page loads.
  • Custom link – launch when the user clicks a custom link

The power of launch triggers comes when you combine a launch trigger with conditionals. For example, using an exit-intent trigger with a conditional of it being a specific page (cart and/or checkout) and a conditional of a specific product in the cart allows you to create a very specific abandon cart saver.