Display Conditionals

Display conditionals allow you to choose the condition you want to show your conversion elements in. The display conditional options are as follows:

Target pages/posts

With Kadence Conversions you can target any page, post, archive, etc. Or you can target multiple hand-selected items or a group of items by author, taxonomy, etc. You can even target through exclusion, for example, all pages but your front page.

Target users

With Kadence Conversions you can choose to show only to specific users by user role or only to visitors that are not logged in. Similarly, you can exclude by the visitor, showing to all but a specific user role.

Target Visitor Device Type

You can easily show specific conversion items for desktop users and create other variations that are designed specifically for mobile visitors.

Target by Request

By URL query parameter

You can target URL query parameters, this is really useful for incoming traffic from other sources where you want to target those specific users. For example, if you have a promotion on Facebook you can link to your landing page but add a ?facebook=true parameter to the end of your link and then target that so anyone coming to your landing page with that parameter will see your conversion item.

By vistor domain referral

This allows you to target visitors coming from a specific domain, for example, if you are wanting to target visitors that have come from Facebook or Twitter with a specific conversion.

NOTE: Some websites do not send the referral information and so if possible targeting through query parameters is generally a more reliable option.

If custom cookie is found

Kadence Conversions lets you show a conversion item only if a custom cookie is found in the visitor’s browser.

After a specific amount of pages views

Kadence Conversions allows you to target users that have visited a minimum amount of pages on your site, this is a great way to target an interested visitor with a suggestion to join your mailing list for new content.

Target by Date and Time

Schedule – Range

Choose a start date and time and an end date and time to show your conversion item. Great for running a sale where you want a conversion item to show but only while the sale is on.

Schedule – Recurring

Create a recurring start and stop time that occurs on a weekly basis. A common use case would be when you have a weekly live event, you can create a conversion banner to let your visitors know that you are live and provide a link to your banner to the live page.

By language (WPML & Polylang)

If you are using WPML or Polylang to power your multilingual site we’ve created an easy way for you to set which language you would like to show the conversion item for.

By product in cart (Woocomerce)

Show conversions to users when they’ve added specific items into their cart. A great way to upsell!

By total price in cart (Woocommerce)

Show conversions items when the total price is above or below a specific amount. For example, you can encourage your users to purchase more to reach a minimum for free shipping, etc.