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7 votes

Make Gravityforms submissions work as conversion goals

Please try to make GravityForms submissions work as conversion goals. It currently does not work either with “Submit form” or “Click Button” with gform_button as button class. So Analytics Tracking does not work with GravityForms in the current implementation.

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7 votes

Clone button for conversion item and disable button

I would find it very useful if you could add a clone button for the All Conversion Items page. Sometimes I like to copy an existing item and change just some text. I was not able to copy a conversion block using the clipboard. In addition, please also add the ability to quickly disable a…

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2 votes

URL Perimeter Trigger

Ideally I’d be able to include a URL perimeter (or #) in an incoming link to be a triggering event.

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4 votes

Domain Referer conditional

Only show items if the user was referred from a specific domain like facebook or twitter

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