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Not A Feature, But a BUG FIX in Conversions Block

If you create several Conversion Opt-Ins and duplicate one of them any images are carried over to the duplicate (and rightly so) but if you add a different image to the duplicate it will not display on the front end. If you do this, the blocks in the duplicated source conversion item will also be copied into the created duplicate, including the class names. And when both conversion items are displayed in a page, the CSS for both items will also be active and would clash with each other. What I need to do currently is do a CSS hack to give a unique class to the duplicate block for now – not the best hack, but if the devs could for future updates enable a duplicate of a former Conversion without needing to do this it would be a great help I am sure! ie: /* Kadence Conversions bugfix */ .kcPowerWords .inner-column-2 .kt-inside-inner-col { background-image: none; background-color: black; }
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