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9 votes

Add a Product block related to the Kadence Theme

When using the Kadence Theme, there are options to show the Payments and Extras. It would be great if a block or blocks to show that will be available with Kadence Shop Kit.

8 votes

Options to Customize the Woocommerce My Account Area

The Woocommerce My Account area is not customizable unless you use CSS or a paid plugin and it's a very important feature within Woocommerce if we want a more branded shop and enhance customer experience.

7 votes

Shop Kit - Recover abandoned cart

Checkout page first field would be email. After user has entered correct email, the payment page would be saved. If user will not make a purchase within certain time the email notification will be sent with the link to checkout.

6 votes

Product Tabs - Make them editable in product pages

It would be so useful if each tab was a Gutenberg space that we could edit on the product page. Correct me if I'm wrong but currently, If I wanted to add a 'special features' tab to every product with different content I will have to make a brand new tab on a different area…

6 votes

Related Items Limit - Make it per device choice (Desktop, Tab, Mobile)

Related Items Limit can only be set generally and not per device. The number of columns, that setting above it, can be set per device. We need this limit to be set per device. I don't want my 6-8 items to be shown in one column on mobile device, while on the desktop it makes…

5 votes

Cart & Checkout templates

It would be great if Shop Kit will also have the feature for Cart and Checkout templates.

4 votes


Create a Wishlist in ShopKit with Gutenberg Blocks

3 votes

Add to Cart tabbed style interface

There is a tabbed style interface for annual and lifetime licenses. The variations appear as a option list. This looks pretty cool. Reference:

2 votes

Upsell and Related Products

Right now, we can create custom product loop in Gutenberg, but not for Upsell and Related Products. Styling options are very limited in Gutenberg itself. For example, I can't add a padding between the text and the surrounding container, so they are touching each other. The ability to display upsell and related products in a…

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