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Add Quantity Option to Product: Add to Cart Widget in Catalog Loop

Currently when creating a custom layout in the Catalog Loop, the "Product: Add to Cart" widget doesn't allow for a quantity – just the "Add to Cart" button. The Single Product Template does allow for a quantity but, for some strange reason, the Catalog Loop doesn't.

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Loop design for WooCommerce blocks

At the heart of this feature request, I would like to be able to design product loops and apply them to any WooCommerce product block, for instance “hand-picked products”. I have a small webshop with

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1 vote

Conditional Checkout Fields

It would be nice to be able to conditional fields in the Custom Checkout Fields module.

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Product Category

In the Kadence Theme, we can show the product category above the title, but in a Single Product Gutenberg Template from Shopkit we cannot.

8 votes

Upsell and Related Products

Right now, we can create custom product loop in Gutenberg, but not for Upsell and Related Products. Styling options are very limited in Gutenberg itself. For example, I can't add a padding between the text and the surrounding container, so they are touching each other. The ability to display upsell and related products in a…

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Create a Wishlist in ShopKit with Gutenberg Blocks

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Auto Select Only Available Attribute

In products that have both physical and digital options, sometimes there are multiple attributes needed for the digital products that don't really apply to the physical. Within the swatches setup, Kadence Shop Kit does a great job of highlighting which secondary attribute is available after selecting the first one, but it would be amazing if…

4 votes

Add A back in stock Alert Option

Add the option to sign up for an alert if a product goes out of stock. Example: