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Kadence Conversions, target WooCommerce cart by product category, or 'select all'

When setting up a conversion, you can elect to have it show only if specified products are in the cart, which is great. BUT… you have to add each product individually, which is bad. Well… it is if you want a conversion to be targeted at an entire category and that category has hundreds or maybe even 1,000+ products in the category. So, could we have an option for the category itself to be a selection, or at least a 'select all' option when filtering products by a given category or tag. It is actually impossible to manually select hundreds of products individually as you have to do them all in one sitting. That is, if you have say 600 to add, and you're eyes are going square with that task and you decided to save and take a break… you can't even continue upon opening that conversion to edit it and add more. Love the fact you can create conversions targeted by product in cart, but… it desperately needs a better way to add large numbers of products.
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