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Load various weights in the customizer.

In the customizer, for all the headers I use a single font, I assign different sizes, but it only lets me choose a “font-weight”. I would like to load several weights for the font I choose. When I am creating an “advanced text” block, I want to leave the same font I chose in the customizer, and I can change the weight and it doesn’t let me. I have to choose: Advanced Typography Settings > Font Family, and then I can choose a different weight. This is a problem, because if later I want to change the font of my headers in the customizer, it will not change the ones I set in “Advanced Typography Settings”. A workaround I use, is to apply to h4, h5 and h6 (which I don’t use much), font-weight of 400, 500 and 600. This way I can change the weight, without using “Advanced Typography Settings > Font Family”.
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