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More font options for theme elements (header / woocommerce / etc) & Font Awesome 5

Right now in the theme options, whenever I choose an icon, either I must choose from a fixed number of icons (for woocommerce cart I must choose from 2) and if I am lucky in some places I can also upload a custom svg icon that will count as an extra request on the page (so not really the best case scenarios when it comes to page load). Since your theme is built with speed in mind, please: 1. Add more options when it comes to icons in theme settings everywhere (woocommerce / header elements / pro version Contact Header Elements etc) – so choose from ALL icons that are loaded with the theme. 2. Add more icon libraries as separate options in the theme, that load (backend & frontend) ONLY when activated in theme options. For example Font Awesome library would be great, as also other plugins need those, so ensuring these icons are loaded fast through the theme (an not an external icon extra file) would be great. So if both the above requests are solved, the user first can choose which extra icon library can load with the theme files (locally, not from external sources!), and after that those icons are available in theme options anywhere an icon must be attributed to a header / woocommerce / etc element – so also diversity (not only speed) for the user regarding customising the front end đŸ™‚ Thanks.
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