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2 votes

Ascend: Social Links - TIKTOK

Widgets / Header Extras widget area / Ascend: Social Links There is no TIKTOK. Please add a TIKTOK.

4 votes

More Schema Blocks

Would be great to get more Schema Blocks like FAQs. So my suggestions: – recipe schema block – how to schema block

8 votes

Additional Featured Image Control

Add options for more featured image control within individual posts/pages as is available in customizer.

4 votes

Create custom CSS variables

I'd like a way to create my own CSS variables for settings that I use frequently (like a top/bottom padding value). This would make it easier to make global block style changes.

3 votes

Include multiple image sizes for featured image in page title

When I embed an image on a page, WordPress automatically includes the srcset array of image sizes. But when I set a featured image on a page or globally in the customizer, the image is output as a background image at the original size. This means that mobile devices are loading a featured image that…

7 votes

Grid builder for listings, grids and sliders with filter function

Hello, I would like to ask for a feature for building listings with individual grids. I don't know if you know the Listing Grid builder of Jet Engine (, but this would be really awesome to have it integrated in Kadence. The builder should work for any custom post type including products and ACF. Additionally…