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9 votes

Header and Footer Social Element - Add switch for open new Tab or SAME Tab

Can you please integrate a switch to choose open the link in new tab or in same tab? Maybe at the element or in the Customizer Social Links. Dunno what is the easiest way for you :)! Because for example I link the Instagram icon to my instagram feed on my website instead of the…

21 votes

Convertkit Integration

Please add a way for Kadence forms to push data into ConvertKit's forms!

8 votes

Add link to update Kadence Elements in the top Wordpress admin bar

When I'm editing a Kadence Element that applies site-wide, I don't have an easy way to update that element. Can you please add a quick link to update Kadence Elements in the top black WordPress admin bar? It would be lovely if it would drop down with the Kadence elements that are being used on…

6 votes

Element hooks with classic editor

Hello, I need to request using the elements hooks options (placement – display setting – user setting.. etc) with the classic editor (now we can't use it without Gutenberg). this is Astra custom layouts for more clarification. Thanks,

11 votes

Built-in timer pop up

Hi Team, What if someone visits the website and after 10-15 sec they see a popup, this feature is very necessary. I am expecting this to be come asap

23 votes

Kadence Blocks Pro: Star Rating (SEO Optimized)

Example: If I were to write a product review, I would want to add a star rating to that product. Currently, I am using the "Icon Block – star & half star" to handle that, but it is not SEO optimized. If there is a "Star Rating Block" option where we can key in all…

10 votes

Activate Dynamic link to the Header Button for Kadence Theme

Reason for requesting this: Sticky headers combined with the dynamic button link is going to be an asset for marketers who needs sell different products on different pages. For example: Visitor >> Lands on a Page related to Product A >> Scrolls down the page >> Sees a sticky header with a call to action…