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12 votes

Create global font styles that are used outside of heading styles

It would be so handy to have two or 3 gloabl accent font styles that can be applied to any text element. Since not all accent fonts should be headings for SEO purposes,it would be nice to be able to apply a global font style (that's not linked to a heading tag) in the customizer….

6 votes

Abilty to have Archive Page Template Same as Page Template

It would be great if there was the option to have the archive template match the page template. If a website has a dark site background/image then currently the category details content text is difficult to see and needs to be made lighter, which does not match the general style of the site. Karla from…

5 votes

Override Where Assets Are Written to

Kadence Theme gfonts attempts to write files to the server. Some hosts lockdown filesystems fore security purposes and for good reason. Kadence Theme and Blocks should provide a method or option to override where assets are written.

11 votes

Custom "ARCHIVE PRODUCT" Woocommerce

Hooks are fine for adding items above or below product categories, but it would be nice to be able to design a 100% product category. Now you need to install elementor or pagebuilder, but IT CAN'T BE DONE WITH GUTEMBERG. Thanks Ben, kadence is the best wp theme!

9 votes

Increase columns on Related products

Customer wants to have the option to show up to 8 related products on the single products page. See this image for reference: