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I would like to see the addition of custom sidebars (i.e. the ability to create our own sidebars). Competing theme has that and it's one of the two things that blocks me to switch to Kadence on client sites.

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13 votes

Showcase and website of the month

Add the option to apply for the showcase of clients' works on Kadance website. These are great for inspiration. Elementor and many other themes have something like this.

5 votes

New Hero section options

Add new Hero section options so that we can accomplish something like: Basically, enable option that featured image is just under the header (no padding or margin), and to make it full width by adding smooth transition from image to the black on the left and right side of the featured image. Variations…

5 votes

An option in Kadence theme hooks to allow placement before 1st H2 on a page.

I would like to use the Kadence block table of contents with Kadence hooks to place the table of contents block before the first h2 of all block posts. Most stand-alone table of content plugins allow this function and it would be a way to get rid of one more plugin, while also adding more…

3 votes

Navigate with the Next and Previous buttons in the Product sheets

hi Ben, When we click on the previous button we go to the previous product sheet and if we click on next on the next product sheet with the image when hovering the mouse. It is easy for the consumer to navigate through the product sheets. We can therefore navigate in the product sheets when,…

11 votes

additional social icons.

Hi a few social icons that I use are missing, can these be added in the future Flickr 500PX FStopper and Snapchat. want to avoid using 3rd party plugins thank you Sal

53 votes

Additional Menu Block in Kadence Block

With the introduction of elements, it is possible to now replace both the header and the footer. However, menus created in the customer cannot be added like what is available in the header builder. A menu block, which will take it source from menus created in the WordPress customizer should be in the kadence block…