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7 votes

Cookie Notice

Add a Cookie notice function. Also replaceblale with a hooked-element or a modal.

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3 votes

add "Layout" element

Kadence PRO's custom hooked elements functionality is great. Would be even better if it offered a "layout" type element. You wouldn't necessarily set up a content there, but rather a new layout for specific 'Single', Archive or Taxonomy item. Items to specify would be: Sidebar layout (on/off/left/right,etc) Footer Widgets Container (Full screen, Contained (specify px…

4 votes

Quick View for Woocommerce Product

Visitors can open quick view (something like a modal popup with the product's details) for every woocommerce product. This will be very useful because visitors can have a quick look for the products instead of entering single product page then return to shop page to view other products.

5 votes

Automate Typographic Scale Generation

I'm just wondering if there would be any support for automating the generation of typographic scales. I like to use scales for my font sizes instead of picking random sizes: At present, I generate the font sizes using the above link, then enter them manually before I can see how they look on the…

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10 votes

More Buttons Preset in Customizer

Currently, there is only the styling option for 1 button only in the customizer (although the title is "Buttons" but only can style for 1). Some websites might use more than 1 button (e.g primary, secondary, outlined), so if the theme customizer allows us to choose and style for different kinds of buttons, we can…

6 votes

Alternate menu assignments for conditional headers

Allow for different menu assignments when using a different conditional header. IE, conditional header 1 has its own menu options for mobile and desktop, vs conditional header 2.

8 votes

Custom Scroll Bar

A small and simple feature that makes the website looks better. This setting at customizer allows us to change the styling (e.g color, hover color, background color, width?) of the scroll bar for our website. We can set the scroll bar to match the theme color palette. It gives the visitor a better feeling when…

8 votes

Text Selection Color

It will be best if the customizer for the Kadance theme has the setting of text selection color (color of the text and background color when the user highlights any text). This setting allows us to change the text selection color to match our theme's color palette. Just a small and simple feature 😀