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21 votes

Wishlist Member integration

I see there is integration with LearnDash, TutorLMS and LifterLMS. It would be a great addition to integrate with Wishlist member as well.

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21 votes

Conditional Widget visibility setting

Would be nice to be able to hide/show widgets based on rules (for mobile for instance) For the moment I am using but use only a fraction of the features

23 votes

Visual Hooks Guide - PRO Addon

Hi guys, a visual hook integrated into the PRO Addon would be a time saver during development process. There is already a third party plugin that does this but having this feature directly into the theme is going to be a really good point. Cheers

76 votes

Theme Documentation - More Articles and Indepth Explanation

Hi guys, the Kadence Theme in really full of options but some of these are not explained at all or enough indepth. Would be a good idea to expand the documentation with some screen and/or videos tutorial. In this way probably you will save time on support requests and customers will be grateful with you….

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13 votes

Import / Export Customizer Settings - PRO Addon

Hi guys, it would be interesting having a bultin feature into the PRO Addon in order to export and import the customizer settings of the kadence theme. Something like this Thanks in advance

12 votes

Selective sticky header

Add a toggle to make a sticky header not stick on certain selected pages, maybe add under Page/Post specific layout settings?

13 votes

Custom payment icons

This is with regards to the support forum thread: It would be great if we could upload svg and png icons even if another svg plugin was required to install.