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61 votes

Login Page Page Customizer

It would be so sweet to have an option to customize the wp-admin login page, add it to the pro version.

10 votes

Image Shape Blobs / Masking / Morphing Blob

I'm requesting for Kadence to build something like this or better. It will be an awesome addon to the library of blocks. I'm OK with it being a Pro addon. It would be really cool to create Image Blobs without doing them in Photoshop. Here is a link showing Stackable and what it does:…

28 votes

Small search pop-up + more options for current search layout

It would be great if we could have an option that whenever you use the search function, it doesn’t overlap the whole screen, so only a small search bar would show up. Other than that, it would be great if we could change the look of the current search screen. For example by allowing us…

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7 votes

Consistency between "Post Grid / Carrousel" and "Archive Lay-Out"

"Post Grid / Carrousel" and "Archive Lay-Out" serve pretty much the same purpose. It's just that former shows often all your posts ( I use it for my blog page) while the latter is just for a specific category. However, there's a few visual discrepancies between the two which can be a challenge / hassle…

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7 votes

Author box for CPT's.

There is no author box for CPT's. Please create one. Thanks!

4 votes

Adding new widget area to footer

Registering and adding custom widget areas so that they'd be visible even in Customizer for convenience

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29 votes

Social login

Log in to websites using social accounts for visitors, buyers.