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64 votes

Countdown Timer Block: Add "auto-repeating" option

I want to have a weekly live-webinar happening each Friday afternoon. Promoting this event with a countdown requires me to re-set the fixed date to the next week. So how about providing a third option, like a repeating countdown, so it automatically renews every day/week/month or on a specific regular day of the week/month/year?

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12 votes

Kadence Element Scroll down distance disappear functionality

It's possible to let an element appear after a distance, but it would also be great to let it disappear again when it reaches the footer section, because it overlays the footer which is especially inconvenient in the mobile version.

16 votes

Different layout option for desktop and mobile view

For certain pages, Normal layout looks good on desktop view, but Full Width looks better on the mobile. Currently, we can only set one layout per page. It'd be flexible if we can set different layouts for desktop and mobile view.

18 votes

Full post option for Post Grid/Carousel

Please allow us to show full blog posts (including images/videos) when using the Post Grid/Carousel option, and allow us to fully customize the looks of it. It would be great if we could show more than just the intro of the blog.

53 votes

Animated text option

It would be great if we could have an option to add animated text to pages/blogs. Something similar to this:

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36 votes

"Post Grid/Carousel" showing display filters with pagination

Don't know if this is impossible but it would be lovely to be able to show the display filters on top but also have pagination at the bottom so the user can decide what works best for them. Also helpful if you have a ton of posts in one category so they can page through…

7 votes

Simple expires for posts

Can you add this function to posts to hide it when it reach a specific date? I use an external plugin for this today.

41 votes

Info Box - Animated Number Count

I strongly recommend that you add the animate count number feature to the "Info Box" block. WordPress is moving at a fast pace and at this point using a full blown page builder is overkill and not to mentioned that it slows down websites. In addition other Block builders have this feature. Thank you, Richard…

15 votes

Card Block

A card block would be very useful considering it is a staple design element. See bootstrap cards for an example. Right now the Info Block does not work very well for cards. Manually creating cards with columns and core blocks is too time consuming and lacks the ability to make it easy for web creators…

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