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7 votes

Author box for CPT's.

There is no author box for CPT's. Please create one. Thanks!

5 votes

Adding new widget area to footer

Registering and adding custom widget areas so that they'd be visible even in Customizer for convenience

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32 votes

Social login

Log in to websites using social accounts for visitors, buyers.

118 votes

Responsive Woocommerce product filters

Very fast ajax based product filter and search for Woocommerce products, filtering taxonomies, post types, attributes, prices etc.

13 votes

No ugly WordPress login screen

The Kadence popup login with invalid login imput takes back to the default Wodpress login page. It would be nice to get rid of it.

30 votes

Social Sharing Icons for Posts, Products

Social Sharing Icons should be in Pro Addon for single post, single product. We can do it by Plugins but they add so many css and javascript and make website very slow. We would love to see Social Sharing Icon in Single Post, Single Product. Also there should be option that where to display Social…

5 votes

Copy and paste commands available beyond pre-built Row containers

Creating multiple blocks would be so much easier if copy and paste commands were available for other kinds of containers besides just the Row container. That would give a lot more design flexibility to users. Seems like technically it would be an easy improvement.