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60 votes

Woo Extras: Simple Product Wishlist

The Woo Extras already have a great selection of Woo features, but what I'm really missing is a simple, integrated wishlist. I would like the ability to add a button (either just an icon, or text, or text + icon) to the product archive loop or single product page, as well as via shortcode (so…

7 votes

Please enable horizontal positioning choice (left/centre/right) for blocks, e.g. Accordion

The Accordion block cannot currently be used as a centred block. For a company who's entire business model is about aesthetics/style/design/presentation, this is a bit surprising. Here you can see what currently happens when you want an Accordion centred on a page and the page is wider than the content. This example looses position on…

12 votes

User generated Block Templates instead of reusable blocks.

Having the ability to create block templates instead of reusable blocks would make our customer experience far better. I would imagine they would display in the styles tab in Block Manger or as a popup when the block "Kadence Templates" was selected. They would work the same as reusable blocks but they would not be…

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13 votes

Custom Column Gutter with in Kadence Blocks

I Think this is a pretty simple one. Sometimes designs have a specific Column Gutter with. Sure, I can fix it in stylesheets but I would be really clean to have a custom set of values for desktop, tablet and mobile. So more flexible instead of just the presets in the row blocks.

10 votes

Blog templates

Blog template options for a Page to display the blog archive, rather than the default WP category page.

160 votes

More responsive breakpoints (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet (portrait), Tablet (landscape), Mobile (portrait), Mobile (landscape) and with ability to change the values ourselves for each

We just have three breakpoints currently: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. This is not enough for majority of things. For example portrait tablet looks more like mobile but wider and landscape tablet is more close to a laptop screen, but it's not as wide. Having one design for tablet will either go towards mobile or laptop…

32 votes

Magazine template


8 votes

Product Review box

Add pros and cons lists and then use a button to link visitors to where they can purchase the product.

4 votes

Syntax Highlighter

Syntax Highlighter feature would be great for blogs with code snippets. Please, add it to the Kadence block.