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72 votes

Infinite Scroll for Blog Posts

Infinite scroll so visitors can keep scrolling to more posts on my site without clicking any navigation button. I'm referring to infinite scroll for my blog posts, not my home, category or tag pages. URL should change as the reader goes from Post 1 to Post 2, etc.

4 votes

Kadence Elements hooking into WooCommerde End-Points

I would like to be able to hook into the Woocommerce Endpoints like on My Account. I have seen that one can hook content into the dashboard content already. It would be nice if each endpoint could be treated as a independant page so I can hook into before_content for /my-account/ and /my-account/lost-password/ independantly. This…

8 votes

Add a floating button for sticky sidebar.

I would like to have a flooring button on the right or left for my sticky sidebar that the user can always see. This prevent the user to look where to click to open the sidebar have some companies that is missing that.

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4 votes

tab control in forms

I would like to have some tab control order if possible in forms.

2 votes

One submit button for two forms

I would like to make two separate forms but only one submit button. To organise the design better, some forms I have separate sections.

7 votes

how to hide footer on mobile device in Kadence Theme

Hi, Ben/Hannah My site, i want to hide footer on mobile/tab when anybody accessing my website. Please provide me a snippet code or css or a way to get this thing done. Kindly help me ASAP. Thanks

59 votes

Grid and Flexbox

It would be great if Kadence would integrate Grid and Flexbox controls.

5 votes

iDEAL in Woocommerce payments list

Can iDEAL be added to the 'Payments' list in Woocommerce? The total number of iDEAL payments amounted to 890 million in 2020, with a turnover of 70 billion euro's.