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3 votes

Additional hook between title and meta

I was trying to place a secondary title snippet right under the main title, but it seems that the main title and meta are combined into one. Is it possible to add a hook in between them? See this for reference:

7 votes

Change the promo badge by a percentage

Would be great to change the promo badge by a percentage based reduction incation. This is a good way to showcase big discount, or to diversify the badge in case of a shop entirely on sales.

14 votes

Pro Addon: More Element settings: Close Fixed Elements -Set Cookie

Hi Kadence Team, hi Ben, it would be awesome if you could add more settings to Kadence elements: – possibility to close fixed elements. So elements can be used as a infobar (for example corona virus info) – possibility to set a cookie time (7 days, 30 days, 365 days etc.) so that the info…

8 votes

Pro-add on Video Carousel (youtube)

Hi, it would be great if there would be a blocks, showing a video carousel- similar to Media carousel in Elementor.

39 votes

Drop Shadow under Sticky Header

Could you please add drop shadow under sticky header that doesn't disappear when you stop scrolling. Thank you.