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4 votes

Additional Header pre-built block

It would be great if an additional header block will be added to the pre-built library. A top hero area like the "We crush minimal design" on the monochrome pro theme.

3 votes

Skip the cart

Skip the cart in order to completely skip the cart page this woudl be needed : -give the ability to the user to change product quantities from the side cart -give the ability to hide the cart button fro mthe side cart This would greatly improve the checkout flow

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Skip the cart

18 votes


I would like to see the addition of custom sidebars (i.e. the ability to create our own sidebars). Competing theme has that and it's one of the two things that blocks me to switch to Kadence on client sites.

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14 votes

Showcase and website of the month

Add the option to apply for the showcase of clients' works on Kadance website. These are great for inspiration. Elementor and many other themes have something like this.

8 votes

New Hero section options

Add new Hero section options so that we can accomplish something like: Basically, enable option that featured image is just under the header (no padding or margin), and to make it full width by adding smooth transition from image to the black on the left and right side of the featured image. Variations…