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15 votes

Buddypress UI Support

it would be great to get buddypress or buddyboss ui support like you have so beautifully added with bbpress.

14 votes

NO to Hamburger: Mobile Menu in one line/ horizontal scrolling with indicator

Hi Kadence Team, I don’t like Hamburger Menus. So I want to show the menu items on mobile when ever it is possible. 1. It would be awesome to have for Header -> “Mobile Navigation” Element to show the menu items in one line and have some spacing options like the “Primary Navigation” element. 2….

26 votes

Wishlist Member integration

I see there is integration with LearnDash, TutorLMS and LifterLMS. It would be a great addition to integrate with Wishlist member as well.

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25 votes

Conditional Widget visibility setting

Would be nice to be able to hide/show widgets based on rules (for mobile for instance) For the moment I am using but use only a fraction of the features