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22 votes

Import / Export Customizer Settings - PRO Addon

Hi guys, it would be interesting having a bultin feature into the PRO Addon in order to export and import the customizer settings of the kadence theme. Something like this Thanks in advance

Solved Another Way 1 comment
13 votes

Selective sticky header

Add a toggle to make a sticky header not stick on certain selected pages, maybe add under Page/Post specific layout settings?

15 votes

Custom payment icons

This is with regards to the support forum thread: It would be great if we could upload svg and png icons even if another svg plugin was required to install.

41 votes

Evergreen Hooked Elements

Have it be cookie-based so that Hooked Elements are dependent on the visitor, not the time. So that they expired based on the visitor. For example count-downs that appear based on a trigger – a visit on a page or an special email link – and expire after a time (3 days example) or expire…

Solved Another Way 2 comments
2 votes

Typography and Color Palette overrides in Pages and Posts.

This maybe could go against standardization of design, site-wide, but many applications (specially in editorial, visual arts and related spaces) have special needs in a page by page basis and even in posts. With the new themes that I'm sure will come to enrich the Kadence space this function could open great possibilities for more…

19 votes

Visibility controls in every block

Sometimes we need to establish Desktop/Tablet/Phone visibility in a text box, a spacer or other small blocks. That kind of granular control could be great to fine tune designs.