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26 votes

Conditional Widget visibility setting

Would be nice to be able to hide/show widgets based on rules (for mobile for instance) For the moment I am using but use only a fraction of the features

34 votes

Visual Hooks Guide - PRO Addon

Hi guys, a visual hook integrated into the PRO Addon would be a time saver during development process. There is already a third party plugin that does this but having this feature directly into the theme is going to be a really good point. Cheers

129 votes

Theme Documentation - More Articles and Indepth Explanation

Hi guys, the Kadence Theme in really full of options but some of these are not explained at all or enough indepth. Would be a good idea to expand the documentation with some screen and/or videos tutorial. In this way probably you will save time on support requests and customers will be grateful with you….

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22 votes

Import / Export Customizer Settings - PRO Addon

Hi guys, it would be interesting having a bultin feature into the PRO Addon in order to export and import the customizer settings of the kadence theme. Something like this Thanks in advance

Solved Another Way 1 comment
13 votes

Selective sticky header

Add a toggle to make a sticky header not stick on certain selected pages, maybe add under Page/Post specific layout settings?

16 votes

Custom payment icons

This is with regards to the support forum thread: It would be great if we could upload svg and png icons even if another svg plugin was required to install.