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5 votes

Vertical Slider

Vertical Slider (Kadence-native, without need of using additional theme builders). Some kind of vertical scroll by segments (with dots like a classical slider but in a vertical fashion).

166 votes

Padding and margin control

Any block setting which allows setting top and bottom margin, should also allow setting of left and right margin. Also T/B/L/R padding.

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29 votes

Header & Footer, Elements Width Control

Hi would like to control the width of the Header and Footer Elements, As of Now it has 3 columns and none has an option to stretch or control the width of the elements. We have 3 Elements and want to have a bigger middle elements which is search bar, which is not editable as…

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93 votes

More options for Sticky Header

Add option to hide when scrolling down and reveal when scrolling up. Option to add fade in or drop-down Sticky with delay.

17 votes

Dropdown menu alignment and flyout detection

Currently, if you have a menu aligned to the right of the page and the last menu item has a dropdown with 2 or 3 levels, everything flies out to the right and could appear off screen. It would be great to be able to specify the first dropdown to be positioned off of the…

27 votes

Stackable items in Header and Footer columns

I've had a couple occasions now that I wanted to have multiple items in the same column of a header or footer row but have them stacked instead of the default inline. Can settings be added to control if you want items to be stacked or inline? I think adding that setting on the column…

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25 votes

Header and Footer column contol

Would like to be able to control the number of columns in the header rows like the footer has. As well as be able to control the width set on the columns of each row.

7 votes

Animation settings

Regarding this topic(, it will be nice if there are extra options to set the tx,ty,tz values for animations that uses translate3d on CSS, like the Fade Up –

7 votes

Product Manager plugin

Regarding this topic(, it would be nice if there can only be one plugin( something like a product manager) to be installed and install the other plugins/themes on its dashboard just by clicking, rather than needing to upload plugins and themes one by one.