Adding Custom Fonts to Kadence

With access to Kadence Premium Addon or our Suite Packages there is a Kadence Custom Fonts plugin that will allow you to upload custom fonts or use fonts from Adobe Typekit. This is the easiest way to add custom fonts using Kadence. Just head to your downloads area and install the Kadence Custom Fonts plugin.

If you would like to add a custom font manually using code you can do this using the following snippet:

function my_kadence_custom_fonts( $system_fonts ) {
  $system_fonts[ 'Forza Book' ] = array(
    'fallback' => 'Verdana, Arial, sans-serif',
    'weights' => array(
  return $system_fonts;
add_filter( 'kadence_theme_add_custom_fonts', 'my_kadence_custom_fonts' );

Just make sure you also include the @font-face css to include your custom font files. Learn about css @font-face.