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Create a Blog Page

Step one – Create a new page and call it “Blog” (or whatever you like). Step two – Set the...
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Adding a Read More Tag

The read more tag allows you to cut off your content at any point of a post and add a...
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Two Product Columns in Mobile

To force your products into two columns in your archive pages on mobile rather than one column, add this to...
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Manually Update Your Theme

Steps to manually updating a WordPress theme by Kadence Themes. Step 1. Download the latest version of your premium theme...
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Footer Always at Bottom

If you do not have much content on your page your footer will appear like it’s floating up the page...
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Mailchimp Popup Integration

You can download MailChimp for WordPress from here. Then from your WP Dashboard navigate to Plugins >> Add New and...
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Going to the Top on Mobile

To make the going to the top arrow appear on mobile devices you can add the following to your custom...
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Comparing and Displaying Sliders

Slider Comparisons Kadence Slider The kadence slider is one of our very own. It’s extremely easy to use while still having...
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Creating a Portfolio Page

NOTE: For free theme users make sure to have the Kadence Toolkit Plugin installed and activated. Step one: create portfolio...
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Chrome Inspect Tool

The Google Chrome Inspect Tool (or DevTools) is a brilliant tool for editing/adding css on your site. It essentially gives you a sneak peak...
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Add Description to Menu Item

To add subtext, or a “description” to your menu items, first navigate to Appearance> Menus, and select the desired menu....
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