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Spam is the worst, it’s annoying and time-consuming to manage. Thats why Kadence created Kadence reCaptcha. It comes included with our Themes and Membership packages. After installing the plugin you will need to get a google reCaptcha API key. You can go here to set that up for free: https://www.google.com/recaptcha

When you are creating a new API, make sure to select reCaptcha v2 for the type.

Configure reCaptcha API

After you add a domain, accept the terms and create you will get to a page that shows both your site key and secret key. Copy one at the time and past into the Kadence reCaptcha settings.

Within the WordPress admin navigate to settings > reCAPTCHA Settings, and add API keys

add recaptcha api kadence themes

Configure your site’s reCAPTCHA settings:

Within Kadence reCaptcha you can enable which forms you want to use reCaptcha. For example, you can enable for comments and even logins.

reCaptcha form options Kadence Themes

Next, you can choose how you want the reCaptcha form styled

reCaptcha Form Style Kadence Themes

For concerns about GDPR, there is a privacy consent option that prevents the form from running until the user consents to your site privacy policy (which should include a note about Google reCaptcha).

recaptcha consent to cookies kadence themes

See the next image for an example of how this can look in your comment box.

consent for cookie use kadence themes recaptcha

Log out of WordPress and test your reCAPTCHA:

reCaptcha enabled kadence themes

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