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You can download MailChimp for WordPress from here. Then from your WP Dashboard navigate to Plugins >> Add New and upload the zip file. Once installed, click to activate it!

From your admin panel, navigate to MailChimp for WP. Next click “Get your API key here.”

MailChimp for WP Admin
Get API Key

Log in to MailChimp or, if you haven’t already, create a MailChimp account.

Get Started with MailChimp

Navigate to your Account area and open the Extras drop-down. Click on API keys.

MailChimp Admin Dashboard

Create an API Key and copy it.

Create A Key

Paste and save the API to your WordPress MailChimp area. You should see a notification indicating that your API has been connected to MailChimp.

Add API to MailChimp For WordPress

Return to MailChimp’s website and create a new list.

Create A List

Save the list and return to MailChimp for WP from your WP Dashboard to confirm that the list has been integrated.

MailChimp List Integration

Go to MailChimp for WordPress >> Form and create a new form. Be sure to give it a title and assign a list from List fields.

MailChimp for WP Forms
MailChimp Form Creation

Add any needed fields to your form. You can also edit your default messages and adjust your MailChimp specific settings.

Once your form is complete and your settings have been saved, you can copy the shortcode from underneath the form title.

Copy Shortcode

Place the form anywhere on your site by pasting the shortcode into a text editor or widget.

Add Shortcode to Widget

View your site to verify that the form is properly showing.

View Form on Frontend

Add MailChimp Form to a Pop-Up

*Note The default MailChimp Popup script from MailChimp’s website will break your site. There is a workaround, but if you have already set-up MailChimp for WordPress, you can simply add your form to a popup.

First, download Boxzilla plugin.

Once the plugin is downloaded, installed and activated, navigate to the plugin settings and add a new pop-up box.

Add New Popup

Give your box a title and add the shortcode to the text editor.

Label Popup and Add Shortcode

Configure your popup settings and publish. This form will use the default settings:

Configure Popup Settings

View the popup to confirm you’re happy with the configuration.

View Popup

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