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Kadence Galleries is a powerful plugin that allows you to easily create galleries and albums. You can display captions, titles, and categories with each image. You can also set up category filters and choose from different layout styles. Plus Kadence galleries integrates with Photoshelter so you can pull photoshelter galleries right into your WordPress site without having to re-upload those images to your site.

Creating Albums

  • First, install and activate the Kadence Galleries plugin (you can purchase from here). After doing so you should see a K Galleries tab in your WordPress admin panel. Click that, then click “Gallery Albums.”

  • Give your album a name and slug. Then choose a parent category (optional) and set a description (also optional).

  • Repeat this process for as many albums as you would like.
  • From your admin panel navigate to K Galleries then click “Add New Gallery”.

  • Give your gallery a title, then add in your gallery settings.

Gallery Image Styles:

  • On the right side of the edit page, you can assign your gallery to an album (or albums).

  • Set a featured image for your gallery (this will appear in the album archive page).

  • From your admin panel navigate to K Galleries > Settings.
  • Choose a lighbox style.

Photoswipe allows you to navigate away from the lightbox by scrolling. See example when you click on an image here.

The Magnific Popup is your more basic lightbox where you will have to click beside the image to navigate out of the lightbox. Example when you click on an image here. 

  • Choose a lightbox skin.

Light will display a white background in the lightbox. Example when you click on an image here.

Dark will display a dark gray background in the lightbox. Example when you click on an image here.

  • Under the External Sources tab, you can choose to enable Photoshelter.
  • Once enabled you should see an option to login to your account in order to access your Photoshelter galleries.

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