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If you need to change a piece of theme or plugin defined text on your site, a simple plugin to use is “Say what?”.  The plugin doesn’t require any changing of code and is easy to setup.

To get started changing text, first download and install the plugin from here.

Finding you the string you want to translate.

Step 1. Find the text that needs to be changed. For this example we’ll simply change the “PREVIOUS POST” and “NEXT POST” text under the blog posts to “Previous Article” and “Next Article”:

For Say What to work you need to use the exact string that is in the theme or plugin with the same capitalizations. However, this can be confusing because themes and plugins style text with text transforms. So to make sure that you’re copying the string exactly as defined by the theme or plugin, use inspect tools to view the raw html:

The exact string you need in our example is “Previous Post” and “Next Post.” Not “PREVIOUS POST” and “NEXT POST”.

Finding the correct Text Domain

Step 2. For the Say What plugin to work, next determine the text-domain. If you’re unsure of the theme’s text domain, you can find it in Appearance> Editor.  Start by selecting your theme, and find the text domain in the theme’s style.css declaration:

If the string is part of a plugin, navigate to Plugins> Editor, and select the plugin in question. For example, in the Imagify plugin, the open the “imagify.php” file to see the text domain:

Text Changes with Say What

Step 3. Now that you have the raw string and text-domain you can navigate to Tools> Text Changes to configure the text change:

Click Add New to open a new string configurator:


Your correctly configured text change should look something like this:


4. Save the text, and view the blog post to confirm change:


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