Kadence Widget Dock
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Slide in Widget Area

A powerful, clean, and elegant way to place content or marketing offers in front of your users in a non-intrusive manner.

Animates In

Choose when you want the widget area to animate in. You can have it come in after the user scrolls, after a certain amount of time passes, or when a user reaches the end of a page or post content.

Three Position Options

You choose where you want the widget area to show up. Left, right or center

Any Kind of Content

Because it’s a widget area, you can place any kind of content or marketing offers into the widget dock.

Target Pages

You can target the widget dock to only show on certain pages, posts, custom posts, etc. So you can show the widget dock only in the places you want.

Target Users

Choose to only show widget dock to logged in users with certain roles so you can target subscribers or customers without showing to any other non-logged in viewers.

Repeat Control

Optionally using cookies you can set a cookie when a user closes out the widget area so that they are not bothered by the widget dock re-entering the page as they browse around your site.

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