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Kadence Woo SiteOrigin Builder
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Kadence WooCommerce SiteOrigin Builder

Create completely custom WooCommerce pages to display products, archives and even checkout using SiteOrigin Page Builder.

Kadence WooCommerce SiteOrigin Template Builder merges the power of SiteOrigin Page Builder with WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can now control how each product page looks. Design a template that you can then apply to all your products, or customize the appearance for product pages that require a unique look and feel. Not only can you control single product pages, you can also build custom templates for your archives. Transform your WooCommerce Shop page into a unique layout or create custom product category pages. You can even add custom content anywhere all with the control of Site Origin Page Builder. Finally, with this plugin, you can also control the layout for your checkout page. Place the order review, billing, and shipping fields in the columns you want with any other content added.

Customize Individual Products

Creating the perfect product page can help you capitalize on the most sales. With Kadence WooCommerce SiteOrigin Builder you can completely customize the product page to look exaclty how you want. You can do this on an individual product level or create templates to assign to your products.
Demo Example

Create Templates for Products and Archives

Something really lacking in woocommerce is the ablity to customize archive pages globally. This is solved with Kadence WooCommerce SiteOrigin Template Builder. You can create templates to apply to all categories or tags or the shop page. So you can make archives have three columns (two sidebars) and define content above and below your archives.
Demo Example

Assign Custom Templates to Individual Categories

Take control over a single product category and design a template just for it. Place any special content you want into that template using Page Builder and apply it in the edit category page. Now your product categories can stand out like never before. See the link below where we created a category page with two sidebars and content above and below the list of products.
Demo Example

More Features:

Customize the Checkout Page Layout

Cusomize, arange and add any usuful information easily with pagebuilder and your checkout template.

Translation Ready

This plugin can be easily translated into any language.

Five Star Support

For when you need it we are here with superior support and expert advice that goes the extra distance.

Works with Any Theme

We code our plugins to wordpress standards to allow you to work with any theme not just ours.

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