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  • June 6, 2021 at 2:08 am #266270

    /EDIT: I whent back to Customize/General/Typography and remembered to check/select the devide icon – mobile. Sorry 🙂 I will go back to check on both websites now and see how it looks during the day.

    A note: please make this blog article of yours searchable with the words: “mobile, titel size, friendly, smartphone, blog, blogposts”. I was lucky to find this post of yours and more by accident.

    End EDIT/

    I tried to customize the blog title sizes for mobile. Out of the box, the H1 and H2 titles (blog especially) in Kadence theme are too big. Especially when they are to be read on a Smartphone. Both Android and Iphone.

    Currently checked on a Samsung Galaxy S10E and a Iphone 6s. ( I know one can never be sure text will show exaclty as you would like it too on all devices of the world.)

    I tried to no avail to find specific size settings for mobile only in “Kadence theme/starter/Freelance” as well as “Kadence theme/starter/design course”.

    I like to remember that was possible to make with Kadence Ascende them? But, that doesnt matter now, of course. I am checking for two sites. You can check for your self on this site (not live site yet, officially, but any day now). You can see this happening with the tile in attached link below. The title first words reads: “Konst(iga) galleriet, “. On our two smartphones you may notice how the (iga) in the words last letter/symbols drop down a line.

    Thanks in advance
    Stefan Lindblad

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