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  • July 30, 2020 at 9:53 am #253893


    I’ve been working with kadence blocks in Gutenburg + Neve for a while now and learned a ton from the tutorials. However there’s two problems I can’t get to the bottom of:

    1 – The icon list icons don’t render in the live version of my site
    This error involves the icon list block which gives the error (that I’m getting used to by now!) ‘This block contains unexpected content’
    However, I can fix that in the back office so it appears correct but it still doesn’t render correctly on the page (see screenshots 1).
    The icons are also not showing up in titles of accordian items – perhaps these two issues are related, as they both involve icons?
    On searching, I had found a forum post about minimized icons in the misc settings but I can’t find any misc option in the theme settings to check if this is the problem.

    2 – The testimonial blocks, and other blocks from the block library, aren’t rendering correctly in the live version of my site
    Again I have the error ‘this block contains unexpected content’ in the back office but I can fix that with ‘attempt block recovery’ and everything appears fine in the editor. But it doesn’t look the same on the live site.
    – Text appears within a white speech bubble in the back office, with design elements around the edges of the black (see screenshots 2a)
    – Text is on a coloured square in the live version, with the design elements around the edges missing (see screenshots 2a)
    See also the grey and orange blocks (what design for life is / isn’t) for another example of this (see screenshots 2b).

    Can anyone help with solutions to these issues?

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