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September 10, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Just ran into something. I am trying to minimise the amount of image versions being renders so i have most images larger than they need to be so the wrong size does not get used when loading.

These options were set in the Theme options “Home Layout” tab.

– Image Menu (3 items)
– Featured Products (3 items)
– Latest Products.(3 items)
– Latest Blog post (2 items)

When i used the Chromes element inspection i realized that the image menu was creating a smaller image than uploaded. original: 720 x 250 image and was using a 354 x 250 image. so i made sure all wordpress and woocommerce were not auto creating the images since that was my first thought because they had updated today.

But after some testing i used the “Page Content” in the home layout tab which the same image menu set up. i was not using the smaller version that was created.
So my guess is maybe there is something hard coded in your theme that is doing that for the theme options functions.

just thought i’d bring it to your attention.

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