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August 19, 2020 at 11:59 am

I just installed Kadence Blocks Pro and activated my license. The Pro version is supposed to be 1.4.12, but my admin dashboard is showing 1.8.12. What’s up with this?

When I first tried to activate Kadence Blocks Pro, it told me the free version of Kadence Blocks needed to be installed first, so I clicked the link to accomplish that, but it went to a white screen with nothing on it (and displayed an error message which I forget – sorry). I then refreshed the screen, wound up back at plugins, with “Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for Page Builder Features” activated version 1.8.12.

When I view the Kadence Blocks options in edit mode, I don’t see any of the premium features. Do I even have Kadence Blocks Pro installed?

What next?

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