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  • January 4, 2022 at 5:48 am #269765

    I have used Virtue and Ascend themes but am transitioning to Kadence Theme on all my active sites.

    When I had Ascend active, it had a great video/slider which sat on the home page under the header and kept going so the menu was overlaid but the video played automatically. This was set in the Home Page settings in the theme options, but I don’t see a similar option with Kadence Theme.

    Is there an option for this in Kadence Theme ‘out of the box’ or do I need to set some custom header things. I have all the Pro plugins on my licence so if there’s something I need to use one of those for, it should be fine.

    I would like the option of having the top navigation (logo and menu) overlaid above the slider but it’s not essential if it’s better to just have the slider appear immediately beneath the nav header.


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