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  • June 2, 2021 at 7:40 am #266200

    I have to believe this is something amiss on a new site I’m working on, because this is still working just fine on a site I launched just last week albeit a bit differently.

    My header (the same for each page) will consist of a logo I’ve created in the upper left corner, then a 760×250 slideshow right justified with no padding or margins. I may need some help achieving that BTW. I’ve tried inserting both a Kadence Standard and Layered Slider in the widget area in the header, but they don’t display! I typically use Layered Sliders even if I don’t take advantage of the layers, just easier to use IMO.

    So I tried moving both of these sliders into rows on the page. The Standard Slider will display, the Layered will not! Needless to say I’m beyond confused. The site I’m working on is HERE.

    Is something broken or am I just having a complete brain fart? When we get this working please let me know also how I would get the slideshow to display with no margins or padding. I’ll build any buffering I need into the logo.


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