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  • November 8, 2019 at 10:50 am #240200

    Hello Ben,

    I actually have two problems, when using a real mobile phone browser.
    I used Samsung Galaxy S7 with chrome.

    Important: I do not have the problems on Desktop browser, even when I make the browser window really thin/small. But on real mobile I have following behavior.

    1. Background image of Row-Layout in Header is not shown.
    You can see on my site on a mobile. Typed text is shown, but my phone is not showing me the row layout background.

    2. Menu is not working
    I see no links inside on real mobile, just a empty grey box.

    As I said, all works fine in a browser even when I make the windows really thin/small.
    Could be a problem of custom CSS, but I am wondering why it’s Ok in a small/thin browser.

    Any advice what happens here on real mobile?

    Best regards

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