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  • January 22, 2021 at 10:01 am #262809

    As of the most recent version of Kadence Blocks (1.9.14), custom buttons that are loaded on a page through a widget, the color and transparency of the button isn’t honored. The hover color and transparency is honored though. On regular pages/posts, it’s fine. Here’s an example: The home page is widgetized using the Genesis Featured Page widget. In the section with four horizontal buttons (web words, media guru, etc.) if you inspect the element you’ll see the background color is #555555 and transparent. What it should be as defined in the page is a color of #BCD2D4 and transparency of 1. I temporarily rolled back to a previous version of the plugin (1.9.9) and it’s fine. This is happening on multiple websites with multiple themes, all Genesis child themes. So something happened between that version and 1.9.14.

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