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October 26, 2016 at 7:06 am

Reposted in a new topic, at Kevins request
thanks for your response. I tried inserting the code as suggested from the link you provided. It doesnt work, or I might be doing it wrong. I’m a dummy when it comes to getting into the code. However, having paid the premium for SimpleShareButton Plus I dont seem to be able to get any response from the supplier so I think I will ask for a refund rather than spend any more time on it.

Can you recommend a share button plug-in that allows me to track shares? Or is that something I could do some other way? Thanks for yoru advice

[Original Post Hi, I thought I’d tag onto this post as I have the same problem. I have also just bought simplesharebutton plus, principally because I wanted to be able to track sharing activity, but it doesn’t display at all. Is there a way to get it working with Kadence Themes or can you recommend a share button widget that will? I have simpleshare adder but that doesn’t seem to allow you to track sharing activity.

alternatively could someone tell me what I would have to edit with short codes to get simpleshare button plus it working?



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