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  • August 13, 2019 at 5:46 pm #233195

    I love the Product Gallery in the Kadence WooCommerce Extras plugins mainly for one reason: allowing a custom aspect ratio for product image thumbnails on product pages. There is one thing however that I really, really hope the devs can help me with:

    When changing the colour variant selection, the main product image changes to reflect the selected colour. This is obviously normal and a good thing. Unlike the default behaviour in my OceanWP theme, however, Product Gallery doesn’t simply show the corresponding image thumbnail being selected but changes the image of the first thumbnail (or featured image for the product listing).

    In case I’m not explaining well, here is an example. Imagine a product that comes in 3 colours: blue, orange & pink, each with one photo. The product page images have 4 possible states:
    1) No variant is selected yet. Thumbnail images are [blue][orange][pink] no matter which thumbnail you select and have enlarged.
    2) Blue is selected and becomes the enlarged product image. Thumbnail images are [blue][orange][pink].
    3) Orange is selected and enlarged. Thumbnail images are [orange][orange][pink].
    4) Pink is selected and enlarged. Thumbnail images are [pink][orange][pink].

    I hope this makes the scenario clear. The product page looks awful when the first thumbnail is overridden like that. I’d like a settings option to not have the first thumbnail change, ever. The pics must stay as they are, and as the active selection changes to simply have the corresponding thumbnail selected rather than overriding the colour of the first one. Basically no different to just selecting thumbnails before variants are chosen.

    Can this feature be added to the plugin?

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