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November 7, 2022 at 1:36 pm


I am using reusable block to manually place ads on my website. I use reusable block, add html block and paste ad code inside. Then I go to edit page and place this reusable block on the spots on the page where I want ads to show.

The problem that I have with this setup is that these reusable blocks are loading extremely slow when I want to edit the page. When I go to page and click Edit, going into edit mode these reusable blocks are lagging the hell out of the page, and to the point where one of the pages can’t be edited anymore. It is a big page and the most visited page on the website. Now when I go to edit this page it gives me critical error.

I noticed that if I just add HTML block, it makes zero problems with lag and loading, but if I convert it to reusable block, everything falls apart.

How can I solve this situation?

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