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[Awaiting Feedback]
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September 22, 2020 at 7:57 pm

Hi Ben,

Love the re-usable blocks with Kadence power behind them. Normally if I try to edit as block on the page in edit mode, I get this error:

Block has been deleted or is unusable

OR this one:

This block has encountered an error and can't be previewed.

Of course both of these prevent me from being able to do some inline edits to the global block design. What I have to do to edit the block then becomes tedious. Currently I have to click the “+” icon to add a new block and then click “Browse all” and then click “Reusable” and then click “Manage all reusable blocks” and finally click into to the desired saved block. From their I can easily edit as expected with no issues so far.

Not sure how to avoid/fix the errors above, but I have a pretty complex page and block design, so not super worried about it.

That being said, I am wondering if a Menu could be added for Reusable blocks so I can access that a bit easier from the admin area.

I see the URL is ../wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=wp_block but I do not see a menu item anywhere for it. Could one be added under the Kadence Block Menu maybe? Kadence Blocks > Reusable Blocks for example?

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