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  • May 13, 2022 at 11:21 am #273110

    Hello squad,

    I have a 404 error that is starting to give me an eye twitch.

    The website is NerdNightNews.com

    The error in the console is:
    GET 404

    Looking at the index file, I believe I tracked down the issue to the Sticky Header, but for the life of me I cannot track down where in the Kadence customization menu this image is being called. I’ve tried uploading a test image in every possible spot I can find in the Header customization menu just in case it isn’t the Sticky Header. Then I do a hard refresh, search the index file for the test image to verify it’s showing up, and then I search for the problem image hoping it’s been replaced by the test image, but no dice.

    Please advise.

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