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February 25, 2021 at 10:59 pm

since upgrading to WordPress 5.6.2 I’ve noticed a major conflict with the Pinnacle Theme.

(WooCommerce) Products cannot be edited, Updraft Restore doesn’t work (buttons cannot be selected)

Quick edit doesn’t work etc. ie the quickest way to see the conflict is to go into Products, click quick edit on any product…the product will disappear from the list and no edit will be opened.

The only way around these problems is to select a different theme which then enables all of the disabled basic features to work again.

I’ve tried deactivating all plugins to no avail.
I’ve restored the Pinnacle theme to the last 3 versions to no avail.
I’ve tested on an earlier version of my website also and discovered the one thing that stops everything from working is upgrading to WordPress 5.6.2.

Now my current issue is I’d either like to downgrade the WordPress version, however that would only be a temporary fix.
The theme conflict needs to be rectified.

The problem occurs also with both the previous and current version of WooCommerce.

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