On November 10 at 10am PT, we will be hosting a live Teardown session with Jon MacDonald, Founder and CEO of The Good, and Ben Ritner, founder of KadenceWP. If you have an eCommerce site, you don’t want to miss this.

Submit your Black Friday/Cyber Monday landing page to be entered into a chance to win a free teardown with Kadence and The Good. If you’re looking to grow your conversions, this is for you!

Join us on November 10 @ 10am PT

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About The Good

The Good is an optimization firm that is set out to help you turn your visitors into buyers. They do this by helping eCommerce companies realize their full potential. The Good has helped their clients reach a return on investment at 9:1 average and have achieved results for the largest online brands including Adobe, Nike, Xerox, The Economist, and many more.

Joined by the best…

Ben Ritner

Founder and head developer at Kadence WP. Ben builds WordPress products at Kadence WP, where he endeavors to help people navigate WordPress and build beautiful and effective websites.

Jon MacDonald

Founder and CEO of The Good. Jon is the author of two books on conversion optimization. He regularly contributes content to publications like Entrepreneur and Inc. He knows how to get website visitors to take action.

See you there!

We are so excited for this teardown! And what better time to talk about conversions then just before BF/CM? A time where there is a real excitement to buy. Don’t let your site visitors come and go. Whether your landing page gets selected or not, we highly encourage you to join our live teardown and get insight on crucial tips and tricks for turning your visitors to customers. You can stream this event on Youtube and Facebook. Sign up to get notified on either YouTube or Facebook so you don’t miss it!